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This is a historical first.

In the past, whenever Open-Source Learning network members agreed to create and share their blogs, it was through an academic course or certificate program. Although learners were free to explore their Big Questions and curate their work, the shadows of curriculum standards and standardized testing loomed large.

As of January 18, 2021, the members of this network are flipping the script. Over the course of the semester, these learners will reflect on their Big Questions to co-create interdisciplinary explorations that meaningfully integrate the courses they would normally be taking. In addition, they will learn about the internet and digital culture, and they will reach out to each other and the world in order to create communities of collaboration and critique.

One more thing: you're invited.

If you would like to ask a Big Question and learn with us, please email dpreston dot learning at gmail.

Narciso Baez:
Jesus Garcia:
Dael Lopez:
Gabriela Mendoza:
Gitzel Rodriguez:
Carolina Sanchez:
Zoe Ward:

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